Forge of Empires Winter Event 2019

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Forge of Empires Winter Event 2019 event consist of two quests lines – Main quests line and Daily quests line. Main quest line has 38 quests and Daily quest line – another 32 quests to complete. All quests must be completed between 2nd of December 2019 and 2nd of January 2020.

As we stated in previous post we are not publishing quests lines any more. It took 48 hours to finish Winter event 2019 Main quests line without knowing any quests in advance. So without any rush we can solve daily quests now.

Winter Train

The main prize of this FoE winter 2019 event is Winter Train Building. There are 9 levels in total and players can adjust additional train cars which can be obtained as special daily prizes.

Here is a table with daily rewards depending on the level you can get from Winter Train

Forge Points 12244

At Level 9 a player must choose one of three choices available:

  • Charcoal Express (black color)
  • Sleighride Express (red)
  • Evergreen Express (green)

Your choice depends on your game style – are you fighter or resource collector.

FoE Winter Trains selection
Charcoal ExpressEvergreen ExpressSleidhride express
+20% Attack for Attacking Army+12% Coins Collection+12% Supply Collection
Forge Points 584

What is your choice? We think the Black (Charcoal Express) is most attractive.

And that’s not all. After choosing main train you can connect additional cars to the back of Winter Train to provide them with extra bonuses.

FoE Winter Train Sleeping, Freight and Dining Cars

There are three types of available cars: Dining, Freight and Sleeping. They can be connected to any kind of train and they are available as special daily prizes.

Dining CarFreight CarSleeping Car
Happiness +3950 +3950 +3950
+4% Attack for Attacking Army
Forge Points +2

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