Forge of Empires Forge Bowl 2020 event and prizes

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Happy New Year and enjoy your first Forge of Empire event in 2020 year. This is third Forge Bowl event. From 14th of January until 2nd of February you will be playing an American Football and will be rewarded with various prizes.

Some of prizes are new special buildings: upgradable Sentinel Outpost (1×1) – it provides you a defense boost for the player’s attacking armies. Some buildings from previous event also will be available. The Colossus, The Classical Garden Set, Pillar of Heroes and Tholos of Idols .

But the grand prize is The Olympic Treasury (4×5). This building is upgradable up to level 10. At level 10 it provides Defense Boost for your Attacking armies, Forge Points, Goods, Coins and Supplies.

You need level up to 10th level if you want to get full advantage of The Olympic Treasury. Level 1 is awarded by completing 5 quests and then you need 9 upgrade kits to reach level 10 of The Olympic Treasury. 3 upgrade kits you  will get by completing full quest line, 7-8 upgrade kits can be obtained by scoring touchdowns in the football field. Here is some tips how to maximize your winnings in the Forge Bowl field.

You need footballs to play the game and footballs can be received by visiting FoE game every day (100 Footballs daily) or by completing quests (120 Footballs for each completed quest).

As during previous Forge Bowl events there are two questlines and 55 quests in total. During daily  quests line and you will receive a new quest each day (20 daily quests ). But before you need to finish another 35 quests line. Which can be completed in one day or may be not 🙂 Meanwhile daily quests will stack and will waiting for you, when you’re done with the initial 35 quests.

Quests and tips

You won’t find any quests’ list here. Why? Because even without knowing any quests in advance it takes less then 24h to complete the first quest list and two daily quests. Here is screenshot of 37 completed quests.

Forge Of Empire Bowl event 2020, completed quests

For the next 19 days will be only one quest per day.

So there is no point of cheating. You won’t do it much faster by looking into quests in advance.

Olympic Treasury

The main prize of Bowl 2020 event is Olympic Treasury. It is upgradable and quite valuable building. There are 10 available levels and here is a table with rewards you can get with each new level

Forge Points12345678
Def for attacking army24%

Read our post how maximize value of footballs you earned and how to make more touchdowns.

Enjoy the Bowl 2020 event!

Here is full detailed announcement of the event.

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