Forge Points Calculator

Use this forge point calculator to check how many forge points you can buy with all coins you saved in your Forge of Empire world.


How to buy Forge Points with coins?

To buy forge points is very easy.

Forge of Empire full city
Pic 1. Forge of Empire full city

On the top of your world screen in the center find “+” sign. Check #1 in Picture 1.

Open "Buy Forge Points" screen
Pic 2. Open “Buy Forge Points” screen

Click on it and another dialog will show up

Buy Forge Points
Pic 3. Buy Forge Points

Click on “Buy” button marked in above Picture 3 to buy 1 Forge Point.

How many coins next Forge Point does cost?

Follow above steps to find out how many coins your next forge point will cost.

Forge Point Price
Pic 4. Forge Point Price

On the last screen you will see number near “Buy” button, see Picture 4.  That number is your next Forge Point price. In this example it costs 200 coins

How many coins do you have?

Check upper left corner on your screen to find how many coins currently you have. #2 on Picture 1.

How many coins I have
Pic 5. How many coins I have

In this example there are 779 coins saved.