BMI chart for men and women (imperial)

These Body Mass Index (BMI) tables are produced using World Health Organization BMI classification. According to this classification:

Normal weight19-24.9
Obesity level I30-34.9
Obesity level II35-39.9
Obesity level III≥ 40

Body Mass Index chart for men and Body Mass Index chart for women are the same and calculated by this BMI formula. Check this is imperial body mass index table (metric chart can be found here) or use this BMI Calculator to check your body mass index.

Imperial body mass index chart
Imperial body mass index chart

8 Replies to “BMI chart for men and women (imperial)”

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know if my insurance covers the balloon? My BMI is more than 40…
    I tried everything to loose weight and nothing. Now I just want to be healthy.

    Hope you can help me.



    1. You haven’t tried intermittent fasting. Just join the facebook group “Intermittent Fasting For Men” and your life will begin to change. I promise.

      1. You dont know this person’s situation. So you dont know WTF you’re talking about! Shame on you, for telling someone to do something, without knowing anything about them, and promising, “your life will change”. Completely irresponsible! You are not an expert, if you were, youd be telling this person to go to a dietitian. LOSER!

        1. Hey, they’re just trying to help someone lose weight. They’re clearly just suggesting a method that they have seen work (perhaps for themselves). Nothing wrong with trying to help someone else.

        2. Actually, your reply could imply their life will change by going to a dietician, that going to a dietician is being responsible (exclusively and/or without question), and may even come across as sounding like you think the person has not tried that. Just suggesting that we all have a tendency at times to be short-sighted in our enthusiasm to be helpful. Over the years, I have learned to share my experience, strength, and hope where I can. Otherwise, I either address where communication may be unclear or ask questions where I desire and think I will get an actual answer.

      2. At first I would recommend to read some books about intermittent fasting and then to speak to your doctor before someone would try to change anything drastically in their diet.

    2. You can contact your doctor about this. They can work with you to find a good solution that works for you. Also if the balloon is the best option for you, they can check if your insurance will cover it. Your doctor is the best and safest option. If your doctor will not help, you can try going to a different doctor.

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