Forge of Empires Halloween 2019 No tasks

Forge Of Empire Halloween Event 2019

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We are sorry to disappoint you if you came here for FoE Halloween 2019 event is quests and tips, as you won’t found any quests here. Why?

During the last couple events (Fall Event and Summer Event) we did experiments and were able to finish all quests on time without looking to quests list. So we decided there is no point of publishing those lists.

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Forge of Empires Summer Event 2019, quest lines and tips

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Forge of Empire Summer Event 2019 starts on 1st of August. Until 21st of August you will have 55 quests to complete. You will be able to get a new Grand prize – The Crown’s Nest. It is upgradable building and depending on it’s level, can provide Coins, Supplies, Medals, Forge Points, Goods and even Diamonds and this building is neither motivable nor plunderable.

Also you can still obtain The Ship Building and upgrade kits from the last year’s event as rare rewards on the wheel. Spin the Wheel of Fortune to win prizes. But Wheel of Fortune is shared with your neighbors so be quick then you’ll see a prize you want to get. Or press Refresh & Spin button in case you don’t see any valuable prizes available.

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