Forge of Empires: Space Age Titan

On 10th of July, 2023 Space Age Titan (SAT) was released. It requires a lot of resources to open the latest technologies. There are 30 new technologies to research and bellow is the list of resources you’ll need to finish latest tech tree.

FoE Space Age Titan Technology tree
Forge Of Empires Space Age Venus technology tree

To research all technologies in Space Age Titan you will require 21090 forge points and this is how many resources you will need to research all new technologies:

Resources for Space Age Titan tech tree research

Forge points21,090
Promethium 3,000
Orichalcum 2,000
Marse Ore1,600
Venus Carbon 3,145
Unknown DNA3,950
Advanced DNA Data4,990
Bio Creatures6,025
Enhanced Poriferas5,725
Red Algae5,265
Topological Records5,930
Compressed Matter Capsules 12,200
Experimental Data 12,090
Isolated Molecules11,690
Liquid Binders11,845
Upcycled Hydrocarbons11,790
Crystallized Hydrocarbons11,650

In Space Age Venus you will get:

  • Your own colony in the clouds of Titan!
  • 60 main story line quests
  • 45 side quests
  • 15 recurring quests
  • 9 new Avatars
  • 16 new expansions :
    • 12 premium expansions
    • 2 tech tree expansions
    • 1 campaign expansion
    • 1 Victory expansion
  • 30 new technologies to research
  • 2 new residential buildings
  • 5 new military buildings with 5 new units (+ Champion)
  • 11 Goods Buildings – 6 of which Synthesizers
  • 2 new workshop buildings
  • 2 new culture buildings
  • 1 new decoration
  • 2 new streets
  • 3 new Great Building