Forge of Empire: Isadora Duncan – Historical Questline, 2016

Starting on the 19th of May another small historical questline is coming up in Forge of Empire. This time you will follow the life and achievements of the modern dance legend – Isadora Duncan. Her original approach allowed her to break ballet’s rigid style and teach her students a completely new type of dance.

You must complete all the quests by 26th of May and then you will get a unique portrait of Isadora Duncan and a Wishing Well.

Here is a list of quests you need to complete. All rewards for completing quests are random. In red are marked quests which need some planing in advance.

Quest # Quest description Tips how to complete quests faster
1 Finish a 1-hour production 3 times Build 3 Hunters (Stone age, 5 seconds) if you don’t have available production buildings at the moment
Spend 11 forge points
2 Pay 1200 coins
Spend 11 forge points
3 Spend 16 forge points
4 Research a technology
Spend 11 forge points
5 Make people enthusiastic
Spend 11 forge points
6 Scout a province
Spend 11 forge points
7 Build a cultural building from you age or a school
8 Delete 2 units Build Spearfighter Barracks (Bronze age, 20 seconds), train two spearfighters (14 seconds each) and delete barracks together with two spearfighters. It will take 1 minute to complete this quest
Spend 11 forge points
9 Build 3 decorations
Spend 11 forge points
10 Acquire 2 sectors without fighting
Spend 11 forge points
11 Contribute 14 Forge Points to Great Buildings or research a technology
Have 100 population available Build 8 Huts (Stone age). In 5 seconds you will have 112 (8 x 14) population available

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