Forge Of Empire: May Day Event 2016

This is new event on Forge of Empire game. It wasn’t on FoE in earlier years. So welcome to May Day Event 2016.
Meet Hilde, an energetic new quest giver whose memories fuel her determination to have a May Day festival as good as the ones from her youth. Come back every day until 5th of May to fulfill all her wishes. If you manage to do so, you will get nice rewards: the maypole building and new avatars!

Here is a list of quests you’ll need to finish until 5th of May.

Quest # Quest description Reward Tips
1 Gather 2000 coins Random Motivate/polish 100 guild members/neigbours or build and sell a building
2 Finish a 1 hour production 6 times Random
3 Build 3 decorations from your age or 5 from previous age Random
4 Spend 11 forge Points Random
5 Recruit 2 units from your current age or 4 units from the previous age Random
6 Make people enthusiastic Random
7 Infiltrate 2 sectors Random
8 Delete 2 units Random
9 Gain 500 happiness Random
Motivate or polish 10 buildings
10 Finish each of the 6 production options once Random
11 Gain 120 total population Random Build/Sell 6 x Stilt House(Bronze Age) 1min
12 Gather 3000 supplies Random Build/Sell building
13 Research any technology or spend 20 Forge Points Random
14 Scout a province or Spend 14 Forge Points Random
15 Gather 20 goods Random Goods collected from Great Buildings also counts
16 Buy 3 Forge Points Random
17 Aquire a sector without fighting Random
Gain 250 happiness
18 Spend 25 Forge Points Random
Portrait Hilde