Forge of Empire: Soccer cup 2016

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UEFA Euro Cup 2016 started and it is time for Forge of Empire Soccer Cup 2016. Starting June 9th FoE players will be able to participate in their own Soccer Cup. How many prizes you will get depends on how much risk you are ready to take. Full details list of FoE Soccer Cup 2016 can be found here.

Soccer Event Prizes
How to get cups
How many cups you will get
FoE Soccer event questline and tasks

This main event window:

FoE Euro Cup 2016, Event Window
FoE Euro Cup 2016, Main Event Window

Soccer Event Prizes

There are three types of prizes:

  1. Golden Chest. It costs 700 cups and you can get randomly one of these prizes by opening golden chest:
    – Soccer Field 20%
    – Grandstand 15%
    – Bleachers 10%
    – Shot Package 10%
    – Shrine of Knowledge 5%
    – Renovation Kit 10%
    – Watchfire 15%
    – 2 Observation Blueprints 15%
  2. Rotating prizes. Every six hours there are different prize. In the picture above you can see Rogue Hideout available for insane 5000 cups. In this table you can see available rotating prizes. Most of them are overpriced and you can get them during other FoE events. In our opinion only Large Medal Package and Watchfire are worth your cups.
    Better try buying Golden Chest in case you want to get special soccer event buildings like Soccer Field, Grandstand or  Bleachers. Otherwise save your cups for medals package or Watchfire, as you can exchange medals for town expansion or improve defense of your city. Prizes in this table are listed in alphabetic order. During event prizes are offered in random order and are available couple times per event.

    Prize Cups required
    Arctic sea-scarper (Arctic Future) 900
    Bleachers 325
    Champion’s Retreat 3500
    Fan shop 2000
    Decorated Baobab 270
    Grandstand 850
    Hall Of Fame 4500
    Large Coins Package (500-280k depending on age/era) 125
    Large Medal Package (50-13000 depending on age/era) 280
    Large Supplies Package 200
    Loft house (Post modern era) 900
    Longhouse (Bronze) 900
    Medium Forge Points Package 550
    Observation blueprint 350
    Phoenix Statue 100
    Random blueprint 225
    Rogue Hideout 5000
    Shrine of Awe 6250
    Shrine of Inspiration 6250
    Shrine of Knowledge
    Soccer Field 4000
    Sundial 80
    The King 1800
    Tiger’s Den 3750
    Victory Tower 175
    Watchfire 400
    Wishing Well 6250
    Witch Doctor 675
  3. Third prize can be won only by very risky players. Every week top scorer will get special cup. Top scorer is a player who will get the highest number of cups in a single-shot.

Cups must be exchanged for prizes by 10th of July, 2016.

How to get cups

You must have cups to get prizes mentioned above. Cups are won by taking part in a penalty shootout contest.

Every hour a player is getting a new opportunity to make a shot and maximum 11 shots can be accumulated.

Also player is getting 1 shots package (5 shots) for every completed quest. Bellow there is questline of this event.

How many cups you will get

It depends on how much risk you are ready to take. Event will last 32 days, so player will get at least 768 (32 x 24h) shots, even if (s)he won’t complete any task. There are 37 quests plus 3 bonus quests. Each completed quest will be rewarded by 1 shots package (5 shots). It means player will get another 200 (40×5) shots. So player can convert these 968 (768 + 200) shots into 9680 cups if player takes conservative approach and always use 100% penalty shot. It is possible to get more cups if player will take some risk, but majority of players will loose cups instead of gaining it. Our suggestion is to join another world and to test how different (100%, 20%, 10%, 5%) penalty kicks work, before taking bigger risk in your main FoE world.

FoE Soccer event questline and tasks

Here is full FoE Soccer event quest line:

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 Go, go, go! Olé, olé, olé! soccer fever is here! I want to host a soccer tournament for the whole neighborhood. May the best team win! It will be my team of course!
Take a shot
Gather 1000 coins and 1000 supplies
2 I can feel the excitement building. Who is in the mood to shoot a couple of balls and win some cups? I am!
Take 5 shots
Make people enthusiastic
3 Let’s go and spread the word! Everyone should join in and get crazy about soccer! I like crazy!
Take 7 shots
Polish or motivate 20 buildings Aid 20 guild members or neighbors
4 We need someone capable of juggling numbers to help us plan the event. Do you happen to know anyone? Greva Darn, you say? Oh my…
Take 10 shots
Finish an 8 hour production 4 times
5 I hate to admit it, but we could really use more help with the planning! How about Mandrubar? He is pretty smart after all. But we will have to work to get his support!
Take 12 shots
Spend 7 forge points
6 We have to prepare City for the tournament. We need places for all the fans to stay. And for the players. And for me.
Take 14 shots
Build 3 residential buildings from your age or 4 from previous age
7 We need plenty of security for the big tournament. Maybe we should get help from General Grivus.
Take 15 shots
Recruit 4 units
Bonus quest to slow down some players We are ahead of schedule! Awesome! That gives us time for some additional training! We will be so much better than all the other teams!
Take 15 shots
Finish a 24-hour production 4 times
8 We need a few more players for the team. They have to be really good. Let’s give them some real nice incentives to join us!
Take 18 shots
Gather 25 goods Goods from Great Buildings are ok too.
9 Up, up. Down, down. Left, right. Left! Right! Now am I doing as a coach? Our team will surely win won’t they? What do you mean, ‘no’?!
Take 19 shots
Buy 4 Forge Points
10 The team is looking pretty good! However, some of the players I want for the team are not convinced yet. We need to do more to get them playing with us!
Take 20 shots
Finish an 15-minute production 15 times
11 We should spiff up MOTIVATE Shrine a bit for the tournament don’t you think! You can take care of that won’t you? Aftel all, I need to get back to coaching. Duty calls!
Take 21 shots
Build a cultural building from your age or 2 from the previous age
12 Training is going well, but we need to think of more soccer tactics. Look at me, I’m thinking like a real-life soccer coach!
Take 22 shots
Spend 11 forge points
13 We need merchandise. Plenty of merchandise! I wonder if we should make action figures..of me! They’ll fly off the shelves!
Take 23 shots
Finish each of the 6 production options once
14 We can’t train in the town hall forever. The balls always get destroyed when they crash through the windows. We need a better training site. Let’s go and look for one!
Take 24 shots
Acquire a sector without fighting
15 The tournament is starting soon, but there still more to do and things to get! Tricots, balls, boots, lawnmovers, referee bribes. Nothing big, just this and that.
Take 24 shots
Gather some coins, supplies and goods (2025) 1000 coins, 1000 supplies, 25 goods
16 Now that we have some rivals set for the tournament, we should go and find out more about their strategies. Maybe we could even drop a bribe or two. What? You don’t like the idea? Pfft.
Take 25 shots
Infiltrate 4 sectors
17 We need a few star players to join the team. Actually, I know just the right man for the job! He is a real soccer wizard. Or he well be. I must know, after all he’s my cousin.
Take 26 shots
Conquer a sector with your units or gather 90 goods
18 We need more room to train. I know, let’s tear down a few buildings that are in the way!
Take 25 shots
Sell any 3 buildings from your current age or 4 from the previous age Any decoration or road will do the job
19 Unbelievable! We are about halfway done! With your help, we will have an unforgettable tournament and be victorious in the end!
Take 24 shots
Finish an 8-hour production 5 times Build Hunter (Bronze age) if you don’t have production buildings available
20 Look at all the visitors we have in MOTIVATE Shrine for the tournament! Hmm, with all these people, we need help ushering people aroun. May be General Grivus could spare some of his troops.
Take 23 shots
Recruit 3 units from your current age or 4 from the previous age
21 We need to thing of more tactics if we are to win. I quess we could really use a strategic mastermind to help us. Someone like General Grivus. Too bad he is such a bore…I am sure he will just ask you to do some scouting again.
Take 22 shots
Scout a province
22 Are you ready for action? We finished all the preparations and are good to go!
Take 22 shots
Spend 19 forge points
23 Here we go. Kick-off! I hope my coaching will pay off. I wonder if we should try and have an extra player on the field. Do you think anyone would notice?
Take 23 shots
Contribute 20 forge points to Great Buildings or research a technology
24 Here we go. We won our first match! But only just…this makes me nervous. Our second opponent will be tougher. We should intimidate them!
Take 24 shots
Plunder 7 buildings or acquire a sector without fighting
25 Thanks a lot for your help! With your support, the neighborhood cup will be a great success! Here, take some free shots to prepare.
Take 24 shots
Plunder 4 buildings or acquire a sector without fighting
26 This game is a nail-biter. It is going to be deciced by a penalty kick! I hope we win. And soon – my nails taste awful!
Take 25 shots
Delete 3 units from your age or 5 units from the previous age
27 We scored the penalty kick! Hooray! We have some time before the next match. we should use it to prepare!
Take 24 shots
Spend 30 forge points
28 Our next opponent is difficult to beat. I saw a fortunate teller and she told me that we will be victorious. It took some persuasion to get that prophecy, but hey!
Take 25 shots
Gather 40 goods
29 Wow, we won! We are now in the last eight! Luckily for us, our next opponent is easy. If we approach this carefully we should win! And just in case we don’t, I put a small side bet on the other team.
Take 24 shots
Buy 5 forge points
30 Yes! We made it to the semi-finals! Our next opponent has a strong defense. I don’t think we can win by force this time. We need to outsmart them. Thank the stars for having the smartest guy in the world on your side: me!
Take 22 shots
Have 10 units
31 We won and are one step closer to victory! We are sure to win the final thanks to my amazing coaching abilities. Oh right, you helped too… a little bit. Let’s prepare for the big match, shall we?
Take 23 shots
Finish a 4-hour production 8 times
32 The last match! this is the moment we’re all been waiting for: The world famous FoE Soccer Cup Final! If we win the one, we will be the champions! I can hardly contain myself! it is going to be a tough match, thought!
Take 24 shots
Acquire a sector
33 We won! I can’t believe it! Wait, I can believe it because I am the best soccer coach I have ever known!
Take 25 shots
Finish a 24-hour production 4 times
34 It’s time to celebrate! Olé, olé, olé! Let’s buold more accommodations for the festivities.
Take 24 shots
Build 3 buildings from your age or 5 from the previous age
35 This celebration will go on for days! We need more room for the party. Is there any extra land we can acquire?
Take 23 shots
Gain control over a province
36 Victory tastes so sweet! So does this party punch! Let’s keep the celebration going!
Take 24 shots
Finish an 8-hour production 6 times
37 We won! Awesome! But there is still time left. Let’s use it to celebrate some more!
Take 25 shots
Finish 24-hour production 4 times
Congratulations! This was the best event ever! Not only did we successfully host the FoE Soccer Cup, we also won it! Whoo-hoo!
Congratulations! You finished all the FoE Soccer Cup quests!

For each completed quest player will be rewarded with 1 shot package (5 shots). For completing quests #31 and #33 additionally will be given portraits of Camila and Paul accordingly.

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