Forge of Empires St. Patrick’s Day Event 2020 event tips and prizes

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On 20th of February, 2020 brand new event stars – The St. Patrick’s Day Event. It will run until March 11th, 2020.​ It will be quite intensive mini game during this event besides usual quests to complete.

The mini game is quite complicated, so please watch an introduction and read description of the game

and here is a link to game description provided by FoE.

Did you understood everything? No? Here is another very short ( 1 minute) intro into game. You will get such instruction when you first time will open window:

As you can see the maps is divided into three areas:

A. Goods (Flowers, Hats, Cakes, Drinks, Fireworks) production area
B. Shipping area
C. Festival area

Forge Of Empires St. Patrics Day Event Town city areas

You produce goods, then ship them to the festival area and sell goods at Festival for shamrocks. Shamrocks are used to upgrade your production, improve shipping.

Your main adjective is to keep balance between goods production, goods you are able to ship and amount of goods you can sell at Festival.

So you always should have your ship cargo [B] bigger then amount of goods Festival [A] can sell and goods production [A] must be bigger then amount of goods your ship [B] can carry.

In above picture you can see healthy balance: [A] production – 2.76Q, [B] shipping – 5.64T and [C] festival – 4.23T. May be I am producing too many goods, but it is because of tasks I was forced to upgrade some production buildings.

Bellow an example of bad balance. Production [A] is ok, but shipping [B] – 1.4T is too low and festival [C] doesn’t get enough goods, as it’s capacity is 4.23T already.

Forge Of Empires St. Patrics Day Event. Too low shipping

Leveling buildings

Don’t rush upgrading your buildings but wait until you get specific task to upgrade your buildings. Otherwise you will be wasting your resources.

There are two types of tasks related to building upgrades:

  1. upgrade any building
Forge Of Empires St Patrics-Event upgrade buildings several times

2. upgrade specific building

Forge Of Empires St Patrics-Event upgrade hats factory to level 25

Leveling building managers

Again, don’t rush to level managers as it costly and there is no much point of leveling low production building managers.

Here is screenshot of production buildings area of my town.

Forge Of Empires St Patrics-Event Town production area

As you can see the production capacity is very different:

  • Flowers factory 22.1M – manager at level 2
  • Hat Factory 3.93M – manager at level 3
  • Cake Factory 21.1B – manager at level 3
  • Drinks Factory 1.6T – manager at level 3
  • Fireworks Factory 117T – manager at level 3

There is no point of wasting your gold on leveling managers of Flowers or Hat factories as their production is very low ( 50,000 times lower) comparing to Fireworks factory.

Exceptions is when you get a task to level these factories.

Here is some strategy tips for getting most of completing tasks and how to get more Celtic Forest Set Kits.

Numbers K, M, B, T, Q

You probably never used such numbers if you are not mathematician. Here is a table with the meaning of these abbreviations:

KThousand1K = 1,0001,000
MMillion1M = 1,000K1,000,000
BBillion1B = 1,000M1,000,000,000
TTrillion1T = 1,000B1,000,000,000,000
QQuadrillion1Q = 1,000T1,000,000,000,000,000


During St. Patrick’s Day Event event there are two questlines and 56 quests in total. During daily  quests line and you will receive a new quest each day (21 daily quests ). But before you need to finish another 35 quests line. Which can be completed in one day or may be not 🙂 Meanwhile daily quests will stack and will waiting for you, when you’re done with the initial 35 quests.

Celtic Forest Set

The main prize of this event is Celtic Forest Set. The set consist of 5 different upgradable buildings:

  • Majestic Fawn (1×1) – provides Attack for Attacking Army, Medals and Forge Point
  • Standing Stone (1×2) – provides Attack for Defending Army, Happiness and increase supply collection
  • Druid Willow (2×3) – provides Happiness, Defense for Defending Army and Defense for Attacking Army
  • Faery Rings (3×3) – provides Goods, Population, Coins, Supplies, Forge Points
  • Moons Gate (4×3) – provides Population, Goods, Forge Points, Medals

Full set of Celtic Forest Set will occupy 6×5 area and at level 2 will provide:

  • 4% Attack boost for Attacking army
  • 6% Attack boost for Defending army
  • 6% Defense boost for Attacking army
  • 6% Defense boost for Defending army
  • 6% Supply collection boost
  • 14 Forge Points
  • 270 – 7300 Happiness (depends on age/era)
  • 9 – 426 Medals (depends on age/era)
  • 1200 – 111,800 Coins (depends on age/era)
  • 540 – 27970 Supplies (depends on age/era)
  • 20 Goods

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day Event!