FoE Bowl 2019: short or long pass to choose?

During Forge of Empire Bowl 2019 Event you need to score touchdowns to get special prizes and Colossus upgrades. But which player to choose to pass a ball?

Forge Of Empire Bowl Stadium
Forge Of Empire Bowl Stadium

At first glimpse it seems the best choice would be longest pass, right? But it is not.

We tested all three players and here are our results:

  • Short pass: you need 19 passes in total and average 1123 footballs to score touchdown
  • Medium pass: you need 15 passes and average 1185 footballs to score touchdown
  • Longest pass: you need 12 passes and average 1176 footballs to score touchdown

As you can see short pass wins. You not just saving ~50 footballs to score touchdown comparing with longest pass. But you also make more passes and it means you get more different prizes, because with each pass you win something, including daily specials.

Our choice is short pass.

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