Forge of Empire Tour de France questline 2017

On January 16th, 2017 a new Forge of Empire historical questline starts. This historical  FoE questline will be about the first winner of Tour de France – Maurice-François Garin. Read full announcement here.

Finish all 10 quests by January 23th and you will be rewarded with unique portrait of Garin and a Kiosk – a new part of the Baroque Garden Set.

Here is full Tour de France quest line with tips. There are random rewards for each completed  quest:

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 The First Grand Tour. Le Tour de France is the first of 3 Grand Tours, together with Vuelta and Giro d’Italia. It’s probably the most well-known and important bicycle race of the season. The first winner was Maurice-Francois Garin… a chimney-sweep who become a legend.
Buy 3 Forge Points
Recruit 5 units from your current age or 7 units from the previous age
2 Rivalry Between Newspapers. Because of a stagnation in sales, a journalist from the newspaper L’Auto, Geo Lefevre, suggested organizing a 6-day long bicycle race around France to surpass their main rival – the Le Vello newspaper. But nobody had ever done such a long race before…
Gain 20 goods – you can make a trade for 20 goods on market. Age doesn’t matter
Spend 12 Forge points
3 Fateful Decision. Despite all the risks and doubts, Henri Desgrange, the editor of L’Auto and cyclist, together with financial director Victor Goddet, made a decision. The race was announced on January 19, 1903 and ran in six stages from July 1 to 19.
Build 6 road tiles from your current age or 9 road tiles from the previous age or build 3 boulevards
Spend 12 Forge points
4 First Tour De France. Around 60 cyclists took part in the first race and only 21 of them successfully completed the challenge. They covered a distance of roughly 2500km divided into 6 stages, and sometimes spent more than 17 hours in the saddle!
Gain 60 population – build 5 Huts (Stone Age) or 3 Stilt Houses (Bronze Age) or 2 Chalets (Bronze Age)
Spend 17 Forge Points
5 The Winning Chimney-Sweep. With wins on 3 stages, Maurice Garin, who worked hard as a chimney-sweep, won the general classification. He got 6125 francs as a reward and wore the green armband, which was a predecessor of the yellow jersey.
Pay 1,500 coins
Spend 12 Forge Points
6 Path to First Place. Years earlier, he’d wanted to take part in the race but only professionals were allowed. Maurice waited for all racers to leave the starting line and then chased them! He finished and got the crowd’s recognition, but not the organizers’.
Scout a province
Spend 15 Forge Points
7 Yellow Jersey, Yellow pages. After 1919, instead of the green armband, the yellow jersey was introduced. It is given to the first racer in the general classification. Later on, green, white, and white with red polka dot jerseys were given as a reward in other categories.
Build a cultural building from your current age or 2 from the previous age
Spend 12 Forge Points
8 Technologies That Changed The Race. Modern technologies such as cabon bicycles, aerodynamic helmets and clothes, the best nutrition, and modern measuring devices changed the race a lot. One thing remains – the racer’s spirit and desire to win.
Research a technology or build 2 military buildings from your current age or 3 from the previous age
Spend 12 Forge Points
9 Fair Play. Apart from formal rules, there are unofficial agreements in the peloton, e.g. “never attack your rival if he has crashed or has a mechanical problem” or “let a racer lead the peloton for a while if he is passing through his hometown” 
Polish or motivate 40 buildings
Spend 12 Forge Points
10 The Flavor of Holiday. People all over the world come to the Tour to experience this special atmosphere, this openness, this pervasive holiday flavor. They take their places way before the race begins, even though the peloton passes by in just a few seconds.
Gain control over a province
Spend 12 Forge Points

That’s it.

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