Forge of Empire Winter Event 2016 quest line and prizes

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On 1st of December the last Forge of Empire event in 2016 will start – Forge of Empire Winter Event 2016. FoE Winter Event will be open until 6th of January, 2017.

You need Stars to open presents. There are three ways to get stars:

  1. Get stars by doing quest for Frosty.
  2. You’ll get 10 stars from your Town Hall when you login each day.
  3. You can get stars in presents.

Every day, there is a new set of amazing rewards hidden in a set of presents. Use stars to open them and claim what’s inside. Open as many presents as you like and win rewards over and over again.

There are special items hidden among your presents:

Forge of empire Winter 2016 show 2 “Show 2” reveals the content of two presents
Forge of empire Winter 2016 double payout “Double Payout” doubles the next present you open.
Forge of empire Winter 2016 shuffle “Shuffle” resets and shuffles your presents. Once reshuffled, you can open a present at no cost.

FoE Winter Event 2016 Quests are posted daily so there is no fast track to pass them in one day. For each completed task you will receive 10-18 stars and all quests must be finished by 6th of January, 2017. Here is full quest line for the FoE Winter Event 2016:

34The Thirty Fourth day of Winter.

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 The First Day of Winter. It is I, Frosty. I will reward you with stars if you complete tasks. Use these stars to open presents, here is you first mission…I mean task. Rewards: 11 stars
Build 2 decorations form your age or 3 from the previous age
2 The Second Day of Winter. The winter season is about spreading joy and cheer, so I’m told. Bah…humbug. Rewards: 11 stars
Motivate or polish 20 buildings
Spend 12 Forge Points
3 The Third Day of Winter. It’s the season of giving, is it? You should give some of your resources then. Rewards: 11 stars
Pay 2,500 coins
Spend 13 Forge Points
4 The Fourth Day of Winter. Apparently we must prepare the city for the winter celebration. Greva asked for some help. Rewards: 11 stars
In production buildings, finish 5-minute production 20 times
Spend 11 Forge Points
5 The Fifth day of Winter. Let’s take a break from being nice for a moment and get down to some real business. Rewards: 11 stars
Infiltrate 3 sectors
Buy 4 Forge Points
6 The Sixth day of Winter. Thank you for your help. Here you go, take some stars. You can use them to get presents from me! Ho ho ho! Rewards: Portrait Buddy and 18 Stars
Acquire 2 sectors without fighting
7 The Seventh day of Winter. Fine. In the spirit of the season, no more aggression… for now. Here’s your new task. Rewards: 12 stars
Gather 24 goods
Spend 14 Forge Points
8 The Eighth day of Winter. Is it just me or is it warm in here? Maybe it’s this scarf. Your next task is as follows. Rewards: 12 stars
In production buildings, finish any 15 productions – Tips: in production building select 5-minute production 15 times
Spend 13 Forge Points
9 The Ninth day of Winter. The upcoming celebration has brought more visitors to the city, and they need accommodations. Rewards: 12 stars
Build a building of every type – Tips: build one of each – residential, production, goods, cultural and military building and one part of road. Building age doesn’t matter and buildings can be from different age.
10 The Tenth day of Winter. I knew it was a bad idea to open the city to more visitors. We’ll have to do extra work to meet their needs. Rewards: 12 stars
Gather 2,500 supplies
Spend 14 Forge Points
11 The Eleventh day of Winter. Mistletoe, tinel, boughs of holly? Don’t let my appearance deceive you! I have no idea what these things are. Rewards: 12 stars
Research a technology or spend 30 Forge Points
12 The Twelfth day of Winter. There’s cheerful music all around the city. It seems to be lifting the spirits of everyone, even the troops. Rewards: 12 stars
Recruit 5 units from your current age or 6 units from your previous age
Infiltrate 3 sectors
13 The Thirteenth day of Winter. Don’t think of it as aggression. We’re just spreading cheer! Rewards: 15 stars
Acquire 3 sectors
Spend 12 Forge Points
14 The Fourteenth day of Winter. We need more lodging for visitors. A lot of citizens’ families are visiting. How heartwarming. Rewards: 12 stars
Build 2 residential buildings from your current age or 3 residential buildings from your previous age
15 The Fiveteenth day of Winter. I suppose it would be in the holiday spirit to give the troops furlough. Oh, I’m not getting soft. I’m apparently made of cold, packed snow. Nothing soft about that. Rewards: 12 stars
Delete 4 units from your current age or 6 units from your previous age
In production buildings, finish 1-hour production 10 times
16 The Sixteenth day of Winter. Just because the winter celebration is coming doesn’t mean the business of building an empire should halt. Rewards: 15 stars
Scout a province
Spend 17 Forge Points
17 The Seventeenth day of Winter. Can you guess my favorite holiday ornament? The nutcracker. These soldiers never get out of line. Rewards: 12 stars
Build a military building from your age or 2 from the previous age
18 The Eighteenth day of Winter. That aroma of sweet spices… It is enjoyable. They say variety is the spice of life. Now, let’s bring some variety to the city. Rewards: 14 stars
Finish each of the 6 production options once – Tips: complete one of each 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours production
Buy 6 Forge Points
19 The Nineteenth day of Winter. Giving in good will: it’s a nice idea. Let’s put it into practice. Rewards: 14 stars
Contribute 35 Forge Points to Great Buildings or research a technology
20 The Twentieth day of Winter. I’ve heard of a man wearing a red sui who carries a large sack and sneaks into people’s homes in the middle of the night. Sounds like he’s up to no good, but apparently he brings people presents. Rewards: 16 stars
Plunder 4 buildings or acquire 2 sectors without fighting
21 The Twenty First day of Winter. A little girl just handed me a little gift box. Ahem, I feel a lump forming in my throat…what’s happening? Please take care of this next task while I compose myself…ahem. Rewards: 14 stars
Gather 90 goods or research a technology
22 The Twenty Second day of Winter. There will be a parade with marching band, dancers, confetti…we need to make some room. Rewards: 14 stars
Sell any 3 buildings from your current age or 4 from the previous – Tips: decorations or road are also buildings
Spend 13 Forge Points.
23 The Twenty Third day of Winter. We should expand the celebration to the neighboring lands. Everyone should experience the merriment of the season.Rewards: 18 stars
Gain control over a province
24 The Twenty Fourth day of Winter. Today I will volunteer to help those in need. Would you like to join? Rewards: Portrait Jovie and 24 Stars
Finish 8hr production 12 times
Spend 15 Forge Points
25 The Twenty Fifth day of Winter. It was I, General Grivus, under the Frosty costume. I lost a bet with Rinbin which required I wear the costume this year. I admit, playing Frosty taught me a thing or two about the winter season. Very good things. Rewards: 14 Stars
Gather 52 goods
Research a technology or spend 30 Forge Points
26 The Twenty Sixth day of Winter. The celebration continues – the new year is just around the corner. Rewards: 14 Stars
Finish 1hr production 5 times
Finish 4hr production 7 times
27 The Twenty Seventh day of Winter. New borders for the new year. This is my favorite kind of task. Rewards: 18 Stars
Acquire 3 sectors
Finish 1hr production 15 times
28 The Twenty Eighth day of Winter. Let’s make some buildings shine like newly polished boots. Rewards: 14 Stars
Motivate or polish 35 buildings
Spend 17 Forge Points
29 The Twenty Ninth day of Winter. Some troops have come back from furlough. I will request they join the new year’s celebration. Rewards: 14 Stars
Recruit 4 units from your age or 5 from the previous
30 The Thirtieth day of Winter. Rewards: 15 Stars
Have 15 units or research a technology
31 The Thirty First day of Winter. Our new year’s celebration could use some more people to celebrate with. Wouldn’t you agree? Rewards: 18 Stars
Acquire 1 sector with your army or 2 sectors without fighting
Gather 40 goods
32 The Thirty Second day of Winter. Happy New Year! Let’s start the new year off right and be productive! Rewards: 20 Stars
In production buildings, finish 1-hour productions 52 times – Tips: build hunters (stone age) if you have free space in your town
Spend 20 Forge Points
33 Start of a New Year. Now’s your chance to upgrade your confectionary. If you have the confectionary, large confectionary or huge confectionary, you should build it now. Sorry, there’s nothing past legendary. Rewards: 20 Stars
Build your biggest Confectionary or a build a Production building from any age
34 The Final Day of Winter. Let’s make that huge confectionary legendary.
Sell your Confectionary. Reward: 1 Large Confectionary
Sell your Large Confectionary. Reward: 1 Huge Confectionary
Sell your Huge Confectionary. Reward: 1 Legendary Confectionary
if a Legendary Confectionary already exists in your town (no need to sell it). Reward: 1 Store Building
The End of Winter. I’ve never enjoyed the winter season, but this year I realized I have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, I’m thankful that I finally get to take off this ridiculous Frosty costume and get back into my uniform. Congratulations! You finished all the winter quests!

Each day you will be get a chance to win daily special prize:

Date Special of the day
December 1 Winter Market
December 2 Store building
December 3 Gingerbread House
December 4 Watchfire
December 5 Winter gate
December 6 Shrine of knowledge
December 7 Wishing Well
December 8 Santa’s Workshop
December 9 Renovation kit
December 10 Festive Tree
December 11 Reindeer Paddock – one of the best production buildings
December 12 Gift Tower
December 13 Shrine of Awe
December 14 Store building
December 15 Large Stars Package (50 stars)
December 16 Foeberge Shop
December 17 Reindeer Sleight
December 18 Snow globe
December 19 Shrine of Inspiration
December 20 Renovation kit
December 21 Watchfire
December 22 Rogue Hideout – must have building for fighters
December 23 Wishing Well
December 24 Shrine of Knowledge
December 25 Store building
December 26 Nutcracker
December 27 Log cabin
December 28 One Up Kit
December 29 Winter Pyramid
December 30 Santa’s workshop
December 31 250 Diamonds
January 1 Renovation Kit
January 2 Rogue Hideout
January 3 Confectionary

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