Forge of Empires Spring Event 2020

Forge of Empires Spring Event 2020 event consist of two quests lines – Main quests line and Daily quests line.

Rush quest line has 41 quests and Daily quest line is another 21 quests to complete. All quests must be completed between 31st of March 2020 and 20th of April 2020.

As we stated in previous post we are not publishing quests lines any more. It took less then 48 hours to finish St. Patrick’s Day Event’s Main quests line without knowing any quests in advance. So without any rush we can solve daily quests now.

Here is short introduction to Spring Event 2020:


Lanterns are main Spring event currency. There are three ways to get lanterns during the game:

  • daily login gives 50 lanterns
  • quest completion gives 60 lanterns
  • check for hidden cherry trees around the city with a chance to get additional 3-10 lanterns

Hanami Bridge

Upgradable Hanami Bridge (4×6) is the main price of Spring Event 2020. It has 8 levels.

Here is a table with daily rewards from Hanami Bridge depending on the level. Rewards also depends on city age/era. Numbers in this table are for Space Age Mars:

Forge Points 22446

At Level 8 a player must choose one of two choices available: Mikawa Bridge or Mikoto Bridge.

Player’s choice depends on his/her game style :

Mikawa and Mikoto Bridges
Mikawa BridgeMikoto Bridge
+22% Attack for Defending Army
Happiness21,680 21,680
Population14,147 14,147
Coins232,000 218,700
Forge Points 107

How to upgrade Hanami Bridge to level 8

You will get Level 1 Hanami Bridge by completing the first 6 quests. Two Hanami Bridge upgrade kits will be received by completing all quests. So you still need another 5 Hanami Bridge upgrade kits to reach level 8.

The missing 5 upgrade kits can be received by crossing the pond:

Forge Of Empires Spring event 2020 crossing the pond

Hanami Bridge upgrade kit is received after every second pond crossing:

  • 1st upgrade kit after 1st crossing
  • 2nd upgrade kit after 3rd crossing
  • 3rd upgrade kit after 5th crossing
  • 4th upgrade kit after 7th crossing
  • 5th upgrade kit after 9th crossing

It cost average 947 lanterns to cross a pond. (Check here how we calculated pond crossing efficiency). So in total you need at least 8,523 lanterns to make 9 pond crossings.

Is it possible to collect so many lanterns?

  • 21 daily logins x 50 lanterns = 1,050 lanterns
  • 41 fast quests x 60 lanterns = 2,460 lanterns
  • 9 daily quests x 100 lanterns = 900 lanterns
  • 12 daily quests x 130 lanterns = 1,560 lanterns
  • After 22 quests completion – 800 lanterns
  • After 50 quests completion – 1,000 lanterns

In total 7,760 lanterns.

We still need 763 lanterns. Some lanterns can be collected by collecting incidents around the city. So I expect FoE will be generous and I will get these missing lanterns by collecting incidents and will be able to make the last 9th pond crossing.

Forge Of Empires Spring event 2020, cherry tree

Additional upgrade kit can be received by finishing in Silver League. But it depends on players in your World and how may of them will be using diamonds during this event.

UPDATE: April 20th, 2020

Received all needed Hanami Upgrade Kits! FoE gave enough lanterns to cross 9th pond. I hope everybody achieved it and now can build new fully upgraded building in their town.

Forge Of Empires Spring event-2020-inventory-Hanami bridge Upgrade kit