FoE Spring Event 2020. Crossing the pond: which jump is the most efficient?

During Forge of Empires Spring 2020 Event you need cross the pond to get special prizes and Hanami Bridge upgrade kits. But how far you should jump to get most of your collected lanterns?

Forge Of Empires Spring event 2020 crossing the pond

You need to make at least 9 pond crossing to collect the missing five Hanami Bridge upgrade kits. It costs a lot of Spring lanterns, so you need to use them wisely.

We tested all short, medium and long jumps and here are our results:

  • Short jump: you need 16 jumps in total and average ~1116 lanterns to cross the pond
  • Medium jump: you need 10 jumps and average ~953 lanterns to cross the pond
  • Longest jump: you need 7 jumps and average ~947 lanterns to cross the pond

As you can see longest jump is a winner.

Here are videos with recordings of short jump only, medium jump only and longest jump only:

Short jump only

Medium jump only

Long jump only

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