Forge of Empire Marilyn Monroe historical questline, 2017

Forge of Empire Historical Questline Marilyn Monroe Event, 2017

New Forge of Empire historical questline – Marilyn Monroe – starts on 31st of July, 2017. There are 12 quests to finish in one week by 7th of August, 2017. and you will be rewarded with portrait of Marilyn Monroe and Rosarium – a production building which can produce supplies, coins, medals, Forge Points and goods from your current era.

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Forge Of Empire: Summer Event 2017

Forge Of Empire Summer event, 2017

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On 28th of June Forge of Empire Summer Event 2017 starts. Official announcement is here.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune to win prizes. But Wheel of Fortune is shared with your neighbors so be quick then you’ll see a prize you want to get. Or press Refresh & Spin button in case you don’t see any valuable prizes available. Prizes on the Wheel of Fortune are random, so you never know what kind of prizes you’ll see there after refresh.

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