Forge of Empire Albert Einstein Historical Questline tasks and tips

On March 13th, 2017 a new historical questline will begin. You will hear the story of one of the greatest minds of all time – the story of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein wrote the most ground-breaking papers that changed theoretical physics forever and earned him a Nobel Prize.

You must complete all tasks by March 20th, 2017 and you will be rewarded with a unique portrait of Albert Einstein and a new building – Checkmate Square. It will boost attack from 5% to 9% (depending on your age – in Oceanic Future it’s even 10%!).

Here is full FoE Albert Einstein quest line with tips. Random rewards are give for each completed quest.

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 Through Space & Time. Albert Einstein was one of a kind – he was a thinker, physicist, pacifist, dreamer and much more. Join us on a journey through space and time to listen to his story!
Gather 100 coins
Spend 11 Forge Points
2 The Silent Kid. Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in Ulm, the former German Empire. Although he turned out to be one of mankind’s most brilliant minds, he didn’t start talking until the age of 3
Motivate or polish 10 buildings of your neighbors, friends or guildmates
Spend 11 Forge Points
3 A Moving Life. young Albert’s family moved a lot – first to Munich, later to Italy, and then to Zurich, Switzerland. In Zurich, Einstein failed to pass his high school exams, so the had to attend secondary schooling.
Build 2 residential buildings from your current age or 4 from the previous age – you don’t need to build all buildings at once. If there is no enough space – build one, sell it, build another one, sell it and so on.
Build 1 cultural building from your current age or 2 from the previous age
4 First Steps. Having always shown talent in mathematics and physics, Einstein started writing his first scientific papers at the age of 21
In production buildings, finish a 1-hour productions 4 times
In production buildings, finish a 4-hour productions 4 times
5 The Miracle year. In 1905, at the age of 26, Einstein wrote four papers that changed theoretical physics forever. The papers, which he wrote in the span of only one year, introduced the relativity of space and time and the equivalence of mass and energy: E=mc²
Research a technology
Spend 11 Forge Points
6 Nobel Price. Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 for his ground-breaking and ongoing contributions to theoretical physics.
Make people enthusiastic
Spend 11 Forge Points
7 Exile. In 1933, when Nazi Germany was rising, Einstein decided not to go back to Berlin, where he was a professor at the Academy of Sciences, and stayed in the USA permanently
Scout a province
Spend 11 Forge Points
8 A Pacifist’s Fear. Einstein, a pacifist, was alarmed by the emergence of nuclear weapons. Although he supported the Allied forces, he was extremely against using the new knowledge of nuclear fission to create weapons
Acquire 2 sectors without fighting
Delete 5 units of any age from your unit pool – build Spearfighter’ barracks (Bronze age)  if you don’t want to delete units from your current age. It will take couple minutes to complete this task.
9 A Man of Many Talents, Einstein also played the violin. It is said that once, he didn’t know what to say to the audience during a physics lecture, so he played Mozart for them instead.
Collect 150 Tavern Silver in the Friends Tavern
Spend 11 Forge Points
10 Socks. Albert Einstein disliked socks. According to him, he got away with not wearing socks even at the most solemn occasions by hiding his “lack of civilization in high boots”.
Buy 5 Forge Points
Gather 15 goods – you can trade it on the market
11 Strong Legacy. In 1955, at the age of 76, Einstein died. His legacy of more than 300 scientific papers – and his brilliance – inspired generations and continue to do so today, extending far beyond the realms of theoretical physics alone.
Gain control over a province
Gain 3 units from your current age or 5 from the previous age – it is easy tasks if you have Alcatraz GB built in your city.
Reward: Checkmate Square and Portrait of Einstein

That’s it.

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  1. On the Einstein mission I can’t get past quest 2. No matter how many buildings I motivate or polish it doesn’t seem to register them. What am I doing wrong? Help please.

    1. Hi Duncan,
      It is better to contact FoE support if you spent 11 forge points and motivated/polished 10 buildings and it doesn’t let you pass that quest.

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