Forge of Empire Mahatma Gandhi historical questline, 2017

New Forge of Empire historical questline – Mahatma Gandhi – starts on 5th of October, 2017.

There are 14 quests to finish in one week by 12th of October, 2017. and you will be rewarded with portrait of Gandhi and Pavilion – a culture building which also boosts supplies production.

There are random rewards for each finished quest.

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 The Path of Nonviolence. Dear Audience! Mahātmā Gandhi’s actions and values inspired people from all over the world to fight for their rights, equality and independence in a nonviolent way. 
Gather 100 coins – Tips: motivate/polish your neighbors
Spend 10 Forge Points
2 British Indian Empire. Mohandas “Mahātmā” Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in the port city of Porbandar, British Indian Empire. His father was the chief minister of Porbandar state. As the family belongen to the merchant caste Mahatma’s future had to be pre-defined
Build 1 Culture Building from your age or 2 from the previous age – Tips: check your inventory as you probably have unused cultural building there
Spend 10 Forge Points
3 Truth and Non-violence. His mother was a very religious woman and taught young Mohandas two very important principles: satya and ahimsa – truth and non-violence respectively. As ahimsa meant no harm to animals as well, his family was vegetarian.
Make people enthusiastic – Tips: use Enthusiasm boost in your Tavern
Spend 10 Forge Points
4 Study in England. Young Gandhi finished school ad decided to continue his education in England, a goal which clashed with the merchant caste he belonged to. During his law studies he joined vegetarian circles, frequented by people with alternative ideologies. 
Gather 30 Goods – trade goods in the market, age/era doesn’t matter
Spend 10 Forge Points
5 Back to India. In July 1891 he returned to India where he received horrible news – his mother has passed away and his brother was suspected of having committed a crime. He had a chance to win his first court case as a lawyer for his brother but he was dismissed.
Buy 3 Forge Points – Tips: use coins to buy forge points
Spend 10 Forge Points
6 Offer from Africa. After this case, Gandhi couldn’t find a job in his motherland. Fortunately he received an offer from a company in South Africa and moved there. his first experience of participating in court cases was spoiled by race discrimination. 
Build 3 residential buildings from your age or 4 from the previous age – Tips: check your inventory as you probably have unused residential building there
Spend 10 Forge Points
7 First protest. In 1906 Gandhi introduced the concept of Satyagraha – “loyalty to the truth”. He initiated his first ever non-violent protest of a racist law in Johannesburg in which all Asian people over the age of 8 had to always carry documents with their fingerprints
In a production building, finish a 15-minute-production 8 times – Tips: build hunters (stone age) if you have free space in your town
In a production building, finish a 4-hour-production 8 times – Tips: build hunters (stone age) if you have free space in your town
8 Passive Resistance. Satyagraha’s first victory was in 1913, when Gandhi led a passive resistance campaign against a discriminatory tax called the Indian Relief Bill. Indians, including women, cross the borders for the first time. Thousands of workers supported the strikes. 
Scout a Province or Solve 12 encounters in the Guild Expedition
Spend 10 Forge Points
9 Mahātmā. After struggling for human rights for 22 years in South Africa, he returned to India where he continued his protest activity to protect the most vulnerable members of society. At this time, he was given the name “Mahātmā”, meaning “venerable” 
Infiltrate 5 sectors OR buy 5 Forge Points
Spend 10 Forge Points
10 Satyagraha. In March 1919 Gandhi announced the country-wide protest against the Rowlatt Act. This protest got out of hand and in some provinces turned to rioting resulting in the Jallianwale Bagh massacre. The nation was not ready to stick to the principles of satyagraha 
Acquire 3 sectors without fighting or defeat 75 enemy units in battle – Tips: negotiate sectors or you can win battles in Guild Expedition, acquiring sectors or fighting your neighbors
Spend 10 Forge Points
11 Ultimate Goal. In the following years Gandhi taught principles of satyagraha to the people, his ultimate goal being independence for India. As a result he was imprisoned for 6 year – but it didn’t change his principles 
Motivate or polish 30 buildings of your neighbours, friend or guildmates
Spend 10 Forge Points
12 Salt Walk. From March to April 1930 Gandhi led an event called The Salt March to protest the British rule in India. Despite police attacks the protesters didn’t fight back. Nearly 60,000 people were arrested, including Gandhi himself. However, news of the protest reached far and wide.
Research a technology or Donate 300 goods either from your current era or the previous era to the guild treasury
Spend 10 Forge Points
13 Independence. In 15 Aug 1947 India finally got its independence. Sectarian conflict arose throughout the country and Gandhi traveled from city to city in an attempt to stop it.
Visit 5 Taverns
Collect 250 Tavern Silver – Tips: collect silver from your own Friends Tavern or by visiting our neighbors taverns
14 Assassination and Legacy. In 30 Jan 1948, six months later, Gandhi was murdered while on his way to address a prayer meeting.His ideals and philosophy continue throughout history, influencing figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela 
Gain control over a province or Donate 900 goods from your current era to the guild treasury
Spend 10 Forge Points

That’s it.