Forge of Empire Leap Year event 2016 quests line and tips

On 25th of February starts another Forge Of Empire historical quest line. This time you will learn some facts from the history of… time. Why do we have leap years? Why are there ten days missing from the year 1582 calendar? How did it happen and how does this affect our lives nowadays?

If you manage to complete all the quests on time (3rd of March), you will get a unique portrait of Gregory XIII, the man behind our modern calendar (and some other small goodies, like for example a renovation kit).

Here is a list of all quests presented by Pope Gregory XIII (in red are market quests which need some planing in advance):

Quest # Quest description Reward Tips
1 Build a building from your current age or 4 from the previous age Random Road or decoration counts as a building too
2 In a production building, finish a 5-minute production 12 times and in a production building, finish a 24-hour production 1 time Random Build 3-4 Hunters to solve this quest faster
3 Scout a province and buy 4 Forge Points Random
4 Spend 11 Forge Points Random
5 Gather 20 goods and finish 12 productions in production buildings Random Goods collected from Great Buildings also counts
6 Plunder 4 buildings or acquire 1 sector and delete 4 units Random
7 Have 113 population available and gain 213 happiness Random
8 Research a technology and spend 7 Forge Points Random
9 Spend 10 Forge Points and gather some coins, supplies and goods Random
10 Motivate or polish 4 buildings and acquire 2 sectors without fighting Random
11 Motivate or polish a building and acquire a province Random

Finish all quests in the leap year quests line and will get Portrait Gregory and a Renovation Kit.