FoE World’s Fair special building

World’s Fair special upgradable building was introduced during Archaeology event and is really powerful building if upgraded to maximum level.

World’s Fair is 6×4 size building with 10 levels unlock. At level 10 the building produces Coins, gives population, and if motivated it provides Goods and Forge Points .

In this table listed all level and rewards you can get. Population and number of coins you get depend on age/era you are in. Goods and Forge Points are the same in any age/era. These numbers are in Virtual Future era:

LevelPopulationCoins in 1dGoodsForge Points

and here is a video with all levels of World’s Fair

The World’s Fair and its upgrade kits can be gained through the grand prize and as rewards for milestones in the event quest line.

World’s Fair first level and 2 upgrade kits you can get by completing full Archaeology event’s quest line. You need another 7 upgrade kits to reach level 10 of the building. And these must be obtained by clearing sand in Archaeology event window.

To gain the Grand Prize, you will have to collect 20 Golden Idols. Gold Idols are a special prize to uncover that will bring you closer to the Grand Prize reward. Once you reach 20 Gold Idols, you will receive the Grand Prize which is displayed at the top of the event window.

You should get all needed upgrade kits if you use your tools wisely. Check here for some tips.