How to use tools in the tomb of FoE Archaeology event

If you already solved first part of Archaeology event’s quests it is time to play next game. The Archaeology event window is like separate game inside FoE.

We strongly suggest you to play with these tools in another world before you start using them in your main city. This would help you to see how it works and you won’t waste any tools.

Opening window

When you open event window you’ll see available tools on your left:

Archaeology Event Window
  • Brush – it removes only one sand tile and it is an important preparation so you can use bigger tools
  • Shovel – removes a column of sand tiles. Can only be used on empty tiles and is blocked by stone
  • Dynamite – clears all adjacent sand tiles. Can only be used on empty tiles and it doesn’t affect any stone tiles.

How to use brush

It is nothing much to say about Brush as it is just clear

How to use Shovel

Shovels are used on empty tiles and clear a column of sand, but are blocked by stone.

You must clear at least one tile in a column before you can use shovel. Here is an example when there is no clear tile and shovel can’t be used:

Shovel doesn't work

So you need to clear one tile with brush and then to use shovel:

shovel works

In some cases you shouldn’t use shovel because it is blocked by stone and it is waste of expensive tool. Like in this example you will clear only on tile with shovel and it could be done with brush instead of shovel:

Bad example of shovel usage

Here is another short video with examples how shovel works

How to use Dynamite

Dynamite is also used on empty tiles and will destroy all surrounding sand tiles, but doesn’t affect stone.

The same story as it was with shovel – you need to clear a tile before you can use dynamite

how to use dynamite in Archaeology  tomb

But be wise by using dynamite, as sometimes you can just waste a power of it. Here is example how dynamite is wasted as it clears only one tile. It can be done with brush

Bad usage of dynamite in tomb

The last video where all three tools are used to clear sand in the tomb