Forge of Empire 5th Anniversary Event

This year Forge of Empire celebrates 5th anniversary and a short event to celebrate that starts on April 20, 2017.

This is only five days event and 10 quests to finish. You must complete these quests by 24th of April and you will receive new versions of the Queen and the King buildings, part of the Royal Garden Set.

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 Madame Fortuna. I am Madame Fortuna. For the last 5 years, I have traveled and visited empires far and wide. I have seen many things in the present, but I can also see into the past and future. Provide me with a comfortable stay and I shall share my knowledge.
Reward: 1 Medium Forge Point Package
Build 2 residential buildings from your era or 3 residential buildings from the previous era – Tips: you don’t need to build all buildings at once – build and sell one, build and sell another one, and etc and check your inventory as you probably have unused residential building there.
2 Crystal Clear. My crystal ball is showing me something. I see many faces – they belong to leaders of other empires. Many have helped you. You should help them in return.
Reward: Motivation Kit
Motivate or Polish 15 buildings of other players
Spend 7 Forge Points
3 Glimpse Into The Far Future. The future has taken empires into the Arctic and the depths of the ocean. I see a glimpse of what the far future might hold.
Reward: One Up Kit
Scout a province or research a technology
4 Timely Resources. Resources help your empire grow, but a good leader knows this. I am getting visions from the past, present and future.
Reward: 50% Supply Boost for 8 hours
Gather 15 goods – Tips: goods can be from any age and you can get these goods from your goods buildings or Great Buildings or trading in the market (fastest way) or win in Guild Expedition.
In a production building, finish 1-hour production 4 times – Tips: build hunters (stone age) if you have free space in your town
5 Roads Less Traveled. I see the roads you have taken to forge your empire. Some were smooth, while others were arduous. From gravel paths to wide avenues, what roads will come next?
Reward: Random
Build 15 roads from any era
Spend 10 Forge Points
6 A place for friends. Friends are important to an empire, but there was not much for friends to do. This is why the Friends Tavern was built.
Reward: Mass motivation kit
Visit 5 Taverns
Collect 150 Tavern Silver
7 A Quest For More. You may think these tasks I give to you are bothersome, but there is only a humble total of 10. Look here, my crystal ball is revealing to me something about quests.
Reward: 50% Coin Boost for 8 hours
In a production building, finish 4-hour productions 4 times – Tips: build hunters (stone age) if you have free space in your town
Spend 7 Forge Points
8 History lessons. There have been many stories about historical figures and my crystal ball tells me there will be more to come.
Rewards: 10% Defender Boost for 8 hours
Acquire 2 sectors without fighting
Write 2 friendly in-game messages to other players – Tips: send any message to your guild mates or FoE friends
9 Great buildings To Come. Great Buildings can make your empire stand apart from there others, as well as empower your city. With every age, new Great Buildings are discovered. I am getting a vision…
Reward: Store Building
Contribute 25 Forge Points to Great Buildings or research a technology
10 Final Vision. You ask for one more vision? I see…vast lands stretching across all parts of the world – the expanse seems almost immeasurable.
Reward: Renovation Kit
Recruit 2 units from your current era or 3 from the previous era – Tips: units from Alcatraz or units earned at Guild Expedition counts as well
Gain control over a province or plunder 3 buildings

That’s it.