Forge of Empire Sisi historical quest line, 2016

On 5th of September, 2016 a new historical quest line starts. Quest line will follow the life of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary and Queen consort of Croatia and Bohemia. Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sisi, was Empress of Austria around 170 years ago. Elisabeth was the longest serving Empress-consort of Austria. An eccentric figure, her life was marred with tragedy. Read full announcement here.

There are 10 quests and all quests must be completed by 12th of September, 2016. There are random rewards for each task, and for finishing full quest line you will be rewarded with unique portrait of Sisi and a new production building – Aviary. It is the very first building of Forge of Empire ‘Baroque garden set’, which you can only get by completing historical questlines.

Here is full Sisi event quest line:

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 Elisabeth of Austria. Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sisi, was Empress of Austria around 170 years ago. An eccentric figure, her life was marred with tragedy, and she has requested that you listen to her story.
Gather 2000 supplies
Spend 11 Forge Points
2 First Marriage. Elisabeth was born in 1837, a minor royal in the ruling family of Bavaria. In 1853, the mother of Emperor Franc Joseph of Austria arranged his marriage to Sisi’s older sister, but he insisted on marrying Sisi instead!
Motivate or polish 20 buildings
Spend 11 Forge Points
3 Daughters. Sisi gave birth to her first daughter 10 months after her wedding, and second daughter followed a year later. But her failure to produce a son made her influence wane, and she became increasingly unwanted in the palace.
Gather 15 goods
Spend 11 Forge Points
4 Thirst for Hungary. In 1857 she visited Hungary for the first time. While she had never been comfortable at the Habsburg court, here she was refreshed by an independent aristocracy, and felt such affinity for them that she started to learn Hungarian.
Scout 1 province
Spend 11 Forge Points
5 Lond hair. Famously beautiful, Sisi followed a strict regime, and three hours a day were dedicated to grooming her extremely long hair. She also invested the time into learning. Sisi spoke fluent English and French, and also studied modern Greek and Hungarian.
Finish a 1 hour production 3 times
Spend 11 Forge Points
6 Tragedy. During the same visit to Hungary, however, tragedy struck – one of her two daughters, Sophie, became ill and died. After that, Sisi was plagued with bouts of depression, and avoided mealtimes, Every time her weight approached 50 kilos, she fasted.
Acquire 2 sectors
Spend 11 Forge Points
7 Influence and Heir. In 1858, Sisi finally gave birth to a son, Rudolf, and her influence at court was on the rise. She used this new influence to mediate between Hungary and the Empreror, and became increasingly interested in politics.
Research a technology
Spend 11 Forge Points
8 Stopping Time. Sisi became obsessive about her figure and beauty, and by 1860 had reduced the circumference of her waist to a tiny 40 cm. To preserve her image of eternal beauty, after she tourned 32 she refused to sit for any more portraits or photographs.
Build 3 decorations from your age or 5 from the previous age
Spend 11 Forge Points
9 Double the Pain. Sisi’s life was shalttered when her son, Crown Prince Rudolf, was found dead with his lover Baroness Mary Vetsera. It appeared the the prince had murdered his lover and then committed suicide. Sisi sank even further into depression.
Delete 4 units from your age or 6 units from previous age
Spend 11 Forge Points
10 Assassination. After a life of heartbreak and depression, on September 10th, 1898, Sisi was walking with her lady-in-waiting when anarchist Luigi Lucheni approached and stabbed her with a long needle file, She died, having been Empress for 44 years.
Gain control over a province
Spend 11 Forge Points

That’s it. It is very easy and quick quest line.

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