Forge of Empire Halloween 2016 questline

Forge of Empire Halloween 2016

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On 20th of October, 2016 an annual Forge of empire Halloween quest starts. Read full announcement here. There are 23 quests and all quests must be completed by 3rd of November, 2016. There are random rewards for each task, and for finishing full quest line you will be rewarded with unique Mummy portrait and Haunted Tower. Of course The Graveyard is the main reward of this event. If you’ve never played the Halloween event, you can win the special upgradable Graveyard culture building through the quest line.

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Forge of Empire Winter Event 2015

Forge of Empire Winter Event 2015

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On November 26 started Forge of Empire Winter Event 2015. An event until January 5, 2016.

You need Stars to open presents. It will cost 10 stars to open one present. You will get stars by doing quests (10-18 stars for each finished quest) for Frosty and also you will get 10 stars each time you press the “Start” button. Even if you don’t see any item you want that day click “Start” button every day to collect 10 stars and save them up for when your preferred item of choice will be available. Continue reading “Forge of Empire Winter Event 2015”