Martin Luther King, Jr. Event, 2016

Starting 12th of January, 2016, you will be able to go through a quest line that will present the most important achievements of this remarkable person – Martin Luther King, Jr.

By completing full quest line you will get Portrait of Martin and The King.

Quest # Quest description Reward Tips
1 Spend 9 Forge Points Random
Finish a 15 minute production 6 times
2 Build a residential building from your current age or 2 from the previous age Random
3 Infiltrate 2 sectors Random
Acquire a sector without fighting
4 Gain 100 happiness Random Build 2 Memorials (Stone Age) 2s
Gain 200 total population Build 9 Stilt Houses (Bronze Age) and 1 Hut (Stone Age) 10s
5 Spend 29 Forge Points Random
6 Scout a province Random
7 Finish 5 productions in production building from your age or 5 from the previous age Random
8 Research a technology Random
9 Gather 1968 coins Random
Delete 3 units If you don’t have spare units to delete build Spearfigher Barracks (Bronze age) – 20s, and train and delete 3 spearfighers – 18s each
10 Acquire 2 sectors without fighting Random
11 Build a decoration Random
Acquire a province 1 Peace Sculpture

All quests must be finished by 18th of January.