Forge of Empire Easter Event 2015

On 25th of March starts Forge of Empire Easter Event. It is another good possibility to get some excellent prizes and upgrade your town on Forge of Empire map.

During Easter event you don’t need to do any special preparation in advance as it was during Valentine Day event. Except you need to build some decorations in your town.

It doesn’t matter which decorations to build. You can build Iron age decorations even if you are in Contemporary Era. Just don’t build stone age decorations. You can get blue prints for Great Building by hiding Easter eggs, but there are no stone age Great Buildings, so don’t waste any opportunity to get BPs.

How many decorations you should have? It depends on how big and active your guild is and how often you are visiting your town during a day. 15-20 decorations should be enough at the beginning and you always will be able to place more decorations in your town later.


Please don’t read further if you don’t want to know the quests and rewards…

Below you’ll find all daily quests and rewards of Easter event. All quests are straight forward – you just need to hide Easter Eggs in other player’s (it can be your guild member, friend or neighbor) city. Then collect Easter eggs hided in your town by other players and exchange eggs for price you want. Wishing Well probably is the best price available during this event. Forget trying to get all rewards as the Shrine of Awe is rubbish and doesn’t worth efforts. Besides Wishing Well other good prizes are Renovation Kit, Watchfire and worth a gamble on the Gold Chest with chances to get Shrine of Knowledge. If you don’t have an Observatory in your city please try and get the blueprints as this will help the guild a lot. You can get Observatory blueprints only from special events and from contributing, not from quests, motivating, polishing or plundering.

Event will end on April 8th. You won’t be able to place any eggs, but you can still trade till April 12th.


Daily quests

Day # Quest Reward
1 Hide 1 Easter Egg in other player’s cities 2 Easter Eggs and 1 Hiding action package (6)
2 Hide 7 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 15 Easter Eggs
3 Hide 12 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 20 Easter Eggs
4 Hide 14 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 30 Easter Eggs
5 Hide 17 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 35 Easter Eggs
6 Hide 22 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 45 Easter Eggs
7 Hide 26 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 50 Easter Eggs
8 Hide 33 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 65 Easter Eggs
9 Hide 44 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 90 Easter Eggs
10 Hide 55 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 110 Easter Eggs & Portrait
11 Hide 69 Easter Eggs in other player’s cities Reward 140 Easter Eggs & Portrait



20 eggs Observatory BP
25 eggs Cornucopia (coins, supplies, medals & small FP pack)
30 eggs Military drummer (all friendly units start the battle with 1 point of armour. Does not stack)
75 eggs Watchfire
100 eggs Beach Bar (production building)
300 eggs Drummer School
350 eggs Renovation kit
500 eggs Wishing Well
35 eggs Bronze Chest
150 eggs Silver Chest
300 eggs Gold Chest

*Collect all 11 different items and receive a Shrine of Awe*

35 eggs – BRONZE Chest

Probability Reward
5% 120 eggs
5% Sandcastle (culture building)
10% Observatory BP
10% 2 random BP’s
10% Military Drummer
15% Palm Tree (deco)
20% 50 eggs
25% Hiding action pack (6 hiding actions)

150 eggs – SILVER Chest

Probability Reward
5% 500 eggs
10% 300 eggs
10% Witch Doctor (production building)
10% Tiger’s Den (culture building + 5% defence bonus)
10% 2 hiding action packages (12 hiding actions)
15% Large FP pack
20% Drummer School
20% 2 Observatory BP’s

300 eggs – GOLD Chest

Probability Reward
5% 800 eggs
5% Shrine of Knowledge (1 FP when motivated)
10% Wishing Well (daily random reward)
10% Renovation kit (upgrades a special building to current age)
10% Shrine of Awe (medals when motivated)
15% 4 hiding action packages (24 hiding actions)
20% Champion’s Retreat (military building)
25% Oasis (coins + 5 goods when motivated)

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