Forge of Empire Halloween 2016 questline

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On 20th of October, 2016 an annual Forge of empire Halloween quest starts. Read full announcement here. There are 23 quests and all quests must be completed by 3rd of November, 2016. There are random rewards for each task, and for finishing full quest line you will be rewarded with unique Mummy portrait and Haunted Tower. Of course The Graveyard is the main reward of this event. If you’ve never played the Halloween event, you can win the special upgradable Graveyard culture building through the quest line.

If you’re a Halloween Event veteran, you’ll be able to upgrade whichever graveyard you have to an even better one. This year Monumental Graveyard is introduced. It is 6×3 special building. Graveyard always was the best building in Forge of Empire game to provide happiness for your citizens and it must have building in your city.

Here is full Halloween event quest line with tips:

Quest # Quest line, tasks and tips
1 Jack O’ Lantern’s back to give you a fright with some scary stories that’ll keep you up all night! so listen to my stories and help me with some tasks – you’ll be rewarded if you do as I ask!
Finish 20 productions in production buildings – build as many as you can Hunters 3×3 (stone age) if you don’t have a lot of production buildings and finish 5-minutes production there
Spend 12 forge points
2 There once was a young woman who loved the outdoors. One summer she went camping for 4 days and 3 nights. She went alone, as she often did, because she liked to get away from the bustle of everyday life.
Gather some coins and supplies – build and sell a building(s) to get quickly coins and supplies you need
Gather 20 goods – trade 20 goods on the market
3 The photos. The young woman brought her camera on her camping trip and took many pictures. When she returned home and developed the photos, she found 3 extra pictures she didn’t take…of her sleeping. One from each night.
Buy 5 forge points
Spend 9 Forge points
4 Game of Riddles. I’m back with game, just like before. Just scary stories would be quite a bore! So listen up closely, show me you’re wise, and at the end of the game you’ll get a nice prize. This first one’s explicit: a number of people are awaiting your visit.
Lend a helping hand – polish/motive 20 neighbors
Spend 11 Forge points
5 The Hitchhiker. Late one night, a man was driving home when he saw a hitchhiking girl in a white dress. He offered to drive her home and she was grateful. The had a nice talk as the drove. the man dropped the girl off at her house and went on his way.
Scout a province
6 Ghostly Passenger. The next day, the man saw that the girl had left her coat in his car. He decided to go to her house to return it. He rang the door bell and an old lady answered. She told the man, “You must be mistaken, my daughter died in a car crash years ago”
Recruit 4 units from your current age or 5 units from the previous age
Infiltrate 4 sectors
7 Riddle-Dee-Dee. Make people happy, cure their gloom. Build something pretty, but first make some room!
Say good buy to 3 from now or 4 from before – remove from your town 3 buildings from your current age or 4 buildings from the previous age. Decoration is a building too.
Decorate – build a decoration
8 Monster Under the Bed. A man began tucking his little son into bed like he did every night. On this night, the little boy said to his father, “Daddy, can you check for monster under my bed?”
Acquire a sector
Spend 13 Forge Points – buy forge points if you don’t have enough to spend. Check Forge Points Calculator to learn how much forge points you can buy with coins you have.
9 Monster on the Bed. The man did as son requested and looked under the bed. There, the man saw his little boy, another him, quivering and staring at him with fear. The boy under the bed whispered, “Daddy, there’s someone on my bed.”
Contribute 25 Forge Points to Great Buildings or research 1 technology
Finish 5-minute productions 20 times – build as many Hunters 3×3 (stone age) as you can to finish this task
10 A Quandary For Thee. Knowledge is power that you gain by the hour. But don’t let then sit in waste, if you do you should be disgraced. Now, go and spend them in the tree. This helps get you to the next age, you see.
Invest in the tree and complete one of these – research a technology
11 Extra Spooky. Complete this extra task for me, and more scary tales I shall tell to thee!
Finish each production option once – complete one of each 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours production
12 The Babysitter. A girl babysat for a rich family one night. Their house was eclectic, with artifacts from around the world. When the kids were asleep, the girl went to watch TV in the study as the parents instructed. There was a clown statue in the room.
Build a building of every type – build one of each – residential, production, goods, cultural and military building and one part of road. Building age doesn’t matter and buildings can be from different age.
13 Lifelike Statue. Spooked by the statue, the girl called the father to ask if she could go to another room. “Listen carefully,” he said. “We don’t own a clown statue. Our kids have complained about a clown who visits them at night. Get the kids out of there NOW!”
Delete 4 units from your age or 6 from the previous age
Spend 15 Forge points
14 Riddle Me This. Listen up traders and fighters alike, acquiring land doesn’t need to begin with strike. Instead, look to your goods and be a pacifist. After all, a well-rounded ruler is also a good strategist.
Peacefully acquire – negotiate for the sector
15 The Cabin Porch. The man was shaken awake by his wife. The cabin was quiet; the kids were asleep. “It sounds like something’s on the porch,”said the man’s wife. The man grabbed an axe and opened the door. he expected to find an animal, but instead found a boy.
Gather 10 of each of the Bronze Age goods – trade your bronze or iron goods for bronze goods
16 Into the Woods. The boy bolted into the woods. The man gave chase and caught up with the boy. “Why were you on my porch?” yelled the man. The boy stammered, “My uncles told me to.” Confused, the man asked, “Why?” The boy answered, “To get you out of the cabin.”
Finish 4-hour productions 8 times
Spend 14 Forge Points
17 Extra Spooky. Complete this extra task for me, and more scary tales I shall tell to thee!
Finish 24-hour productions 5 times
18 The Alarm Clock. The last thing he saw was his alarm clock flashing 12:07 before he felt her long rotting nails sink into his chest. He bolted upright, relieved that it was just a dream. The he saw the clock flash 12:06 as his bedroom door creaked open.
Acquire a sector
19 Mommy Dearest. One day a little boy was playing in his room upstairs. He heard his mother call him from the kitchen. As the little boy headed downstairs, he heard a whisper from the hallway closet saying, “Don’t go down there, honey. I heard it too.”
Finish 1-hour production 10 times
Spend 12 Forge points
20 A City to Die For. It’s time to get festive and prepare your city. Halloween is coming, so let’s make it pretty!
Build a cultural building from your age or from the previous age.
21 Ancient Home of the Dead. Room seems scarce in your ancient graveyard, so now you should expand. The dead will surely appreciate resting in a place so grand.
Sell the Ancient Graveyard
22 One Last Diddle. One of these is made of many. Acquire all the little ones and new land you’ll have plenty. So, go now and add one to your empire. You’ll earn this next reward if you do as I require.
Add one to your empire – acquire a province
23 Costume Conspiracy. Someone took my Jack O’Latern costume again! So, it wasn’t me telling all those spooky stories. Scary stories give me the heeble jeebies, anyway. Can you help me get my costume back?
Research a technology or spend 20 forge points.

That’s it.

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