Tips to improve your immune system

immune system

Nobody expected such intense spring as it is now because of coronavirus (COVID-19). A lot of countries are locked down. Almost all flights are canceled, boarders are closed, first time in the history Olympic games are moved to the next year. People are staying at home and for most of them it means not enough physical activity.

But there is also good thing. Now you can manage your daily routine better because there is no need for commuting to office, all your classes at home, you do your exercises at home, because gyms are closes. It may look boring, but this routine can mean you will have better sleep at night and it means your immune system will be stronger.

Yes, you read correctly – the better you sleep, the better is your immune system. We in such rush through life and at this moment we can slow down and let your body to have some rest. Use this momentum and learn to live slower and healthier.

Here are some things which important for your immune system:

  1. Have a good sleep. At least 7 hours. Why it is mentioned as number 1 ? Because it is most easy thing to accomplish. It cost nothing to you, you don’t need to buy any thing. All you need it is adjust your daily routine. Why good sleep is so important?
    During a night your body is not just having a rest. It keeps your immune system healthy. Although longer hours of sleep than usual may not enhance our immune system, but too short or poor quality sleep will certainly weaken it.
  2. Do exercise daily. There are plenty free videos online with exercises you can easily do at home. So there are no excuses not to do it. It must be done for your health and better sleep.
  3. Increase daily intake of antioxidants. The strongest antioxidants are cloves, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, acai berry, sumac, sorghum, garlic.
  4. C and D vitamins and Zinc are the most effective against viruses.
  5. Avoid / reduce fried food, alcohol, gluten, sugar. The less you consume processed food the better you will feel. It is also not so hard to do. Now you have time for cooking. So again no excuses not to eat healthier food.

If you follow these tips it will help to keep your body healthier, not to gain any weight and keep you body mass index low while you are locked down at home.

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